Custom Order Your Next Vehicle from South Texas Buick-GMC in McAllen, TX

Custom Order Your Next Vehicle from South Texas Buick-GMC in McAllen, TX

Shopping for a new truck or SUV? You don’t have to wait for the model you want to arrive on our lot here at South Texas Buick-GMC in McAllen. Instead, you can place a custom order for a vehicle that’s equipped exactly to your specifications!

Benefits of custom ordering

Instead of showing up at our dealership and hoping we have what you want, custom orders give you control over what you buy. It’s especially handy if you’re buying a truck like the GMC Sierra 1500 or GMC Canyon. You can pick out your pickup’s precise engine, bed and cab configuration, off-road features, wheels, paint job, and plenty of other things you prefer. It’s also a great way to order a family SUV like the Buick Enclave or GMC Acadia.

Custom ordering and reserving a vehicle at South Texas Buick-GMC doesn’t cost anything extra beyond what you’d already pay for the vehicle. In fact, you could even be eligible for additional specials and rebates!

How it works

Custom ordering a vehicle from South Texas Buick-GMC is easy! Start by contacting our team through the form on our custom order page. One of our Vehicle Concierges will reach out and guide you through the process of selecting and customizing the vehicle you want. Once you’ve placed your order, it will typically take about 5-8 weeks to arrive (longer if you’re reserving an upcoming model). You can either pick it up at the dealership or have it delivered to your address.

Have more questions about custom ordering? We’ll be happy to answer them and help you get the vehicle you want here at South Texas Buick-GMC!

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