Help Your Car Beat the South Texas Heat This Summer

Help Your Car Beat the South Texas Heat This Summer

The summer heat here in South Texas is hitting full blast, and it’s important to protect your car from getting scorched. Here are some steps you can take to shield your vehicle from the sun and keep high temperatures at bay.

Protecting the exterior

When the summer sun beats down on your Buick or GMC, it can harm the exterior. Washing and drying it every month will keep bits of dirt and dust from baking into the paint job. Frequent waxing will help shield it from the sun and keep grime from sticking. You should also check the tire pressure regularly — if they’re underinflated, they’ll be more vulnerable to failure in extreme heat.

Protecting the interior

Sun and heat can do a number on your car’s interior as well. When your Buick or GMC is parked outside, place reflecting panels in the windshield to keep the sun from cracking and fading the upholstery and dashboard. It’s also a good idea to clean dust and dirt off interior surfaces so they don’t get baked on.

Protecting the rest of your car

When it’s hot out, you can take steps to protect what’s under your Buick or GMC vehicle’s hood. Keep the coolant filled to prevent overheating, and make sure you’re on top of air conditioning maintenance. Test the battery to make sure it can stand up to the stress of high temperatures. And of course, you’ll also want to keep up with oil changes and other scheduled maintenance to keep the engine running smoothly.

Protect your Buick or GMC from the heat by bringing it to our dealership for a summer inspection. For all your maintenance needs, contact our service team here at South Texas Buick-GMC in McAllen, Texas.

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